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So your partner has been unfaithful or you find yourself continually upset with your partner's behaviour or simply the love has gone from the marriage and you just want to get on with your life which may have been unhappy for a number of years.

You've tried marriage counselling and now maybe it's too late for counselling anyways. You've tried to make up, follow family and friends' advice but now you feel that divorce is the only solution so how exactly does divorce work in Hong Kong?

The breakup of a marriage is a painful, upsetting and life-changing process - one that does not need to be made any more traumatic, complicated or frustrating by a foreign and inaccessible divorce process. This website has been created to explain the law behind divorce and its process in Hong Kong so that individuals going through a divorce can understand it easily and avoid being overwhelmed by the law and instead focus on how they can best move forward with their lives.

Our website hongkongdivorce.com is a free resource website covering every aspect of divorce, family law and matrimonial proceedings in Hong Kong.

Created by a group of individuals, all of whom are actively involved in the divorce and family legal sphere in Hong Kong, the objective of this website is to clarify how the divorce process works, provide a concise and clear overview of the law, answer common queries of people going through this difficult period, and generally provide support through information to those in need.

We aim to set out in simple terms what a husband or wife can expect to encounter in the run-up to a divorce, and during the long and sometimes complicated process that may follow.

We will introduce you to, and explain the roles of those professional individuals who may become involved in your divorce process, from solicitors and barristers, to mediators and marriage counsellors, so that your collaboration with these professionals will be on equal, informed terms. We will provide a guide as to how family law practitioners operate, what you can do to keep your legal costs down, whether you actually need a lawyer, and how to pick one if needed.

“Divorce isn’t such a tragedy.
A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage.”