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How Is Child Support Determined?

The parent with care and control is entitled to seek financial support for the children.  In determining child maintenance, the Family Court will look at all circumstances including but not limited to the following:

  1. Financial needs of the children
  2. Standard of living enjoyed by the family
  3. Physical and mental disability of the children
  4. Manner in which the children were brought up and the expectations of the parties for the children to be educated
  5. Financial resources and needs or obligations of the parties to the marriage
  6. Any income, earning capacity, property or other financial resources of the children

By looking at the above key factors, the Family Court is trying to place the children in a financial position similar to what they would have been had the marriage not broken down.

Many times, maintenance for children is needed immediately so the parent with care and control can seek interim maintenance before a final decision is made regarding children’s maintenance.

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