Round-Up of Divorce News

Divorce impact
Mar 26, 2021

Spring has arrived and what better way to ring in the Spring season than to summarize some of the few highlights from Divorce news stories circulating the Web.

Gender and Diversity In Divorce

South China Morning Post published a story about a decision by a Court in Beijing, China ruling that a Husband should compensate his Wife for housework she had done over a period of five (5) years.  The penalty? US$7,700.  Whilst there may be some housewives out there that might scoff at the idea that 5 years’ worth of housework was only worth a penalty of US$7,700, it is in fact an interesting ruling as it places a monetary value to chores and housework.

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According to the SCMP article, there has been and continues to be a larger debate in China about the role of women who stay at home rather than enter the workforce.  This is the first ruling of its kind in China since a marriage law came into effect on January 1, 2021.  With the new law in place, it will be interesting to see how this plays out and how women (who continue to mostly be in charge of housework in China) will be compensated as they are now entitled to request relief from the Court.

Chasing After The Sun

Round-Up of Divorce News 2

In a recent Miami Herald article, it was declared that Florida is fertile ground for love such that divorced men are choosing the state of Florida as their primary destination to move to after a divorce.  Could it be that it is perhaps the sun and that sun-kissed glow attracting newly single men to flock to the sunny Florida state?

According to the article published by the Miami Herald, a study by MagnifyMoney confirms that Florida is welcoming nearly 2,581 men in the 12 months after a divorce.  The study states that the real reason men are choosing Florida over other states is due to job opportunities and career advancement along with the lower cost of living offered by Florida as an incentive to move.   Given the current state of affairs around the globe, it also would make sense for individuals to move where space is a luxury, as is outdoor recreation activities.  After Florida, men are choosing California, then North Carolina as their second and third best destination option.

If men are heading to Florida, then where are women heading? According to the study, women opt for Texas, followed by Florida, then Georgia.

Divorce and Daughters

In a new article published by The Economist, there are several studies conducted in America which confirm that having a female first-born does in fact increase the risk of the child’s parents divorcing, particularly in America and the Netherlands.   This study conducted by Jan Kabatek of the University of Melbourne in Australia and David Ribar of Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA also states that “daughter-divorce” risk emerges only in a first-born girl’s teenage years.  According to the researchers, the primary reason behind the “daughter-divorce” risk is based upon the fact that parents quarrel more over the upbringing of teenager daughters versus teenage sons.

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Covid-19, Depression and Divorce

In unsurprising news, the BBC reports that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in depression and stress among parents resulting in fears, worry and anxiety.  This has led to frequent arguments among couples, thus placing additional stress on the relationship and opening the door to couples considering separation and divorce.  Demands faced by parents are becoming increasingly stressful as parents not only are dealing with Covid-19 related fears, but the resulting effects of Covid-19 including lockdowns, home schooling mixed in with the pressures of work commitments.

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According to the report, Oxford researchers are now tracking both children and parents’ mental health throughout this crisis.

Those are some of the more interesting stories hitting the web.  Stay tuned for additional summaries of interesting stories circulating the web related to divorce.



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