Hong Kong Divorce x Ritzy Hong Kong – Ritzy Chat: Caroline Choi, Founder of Hong Kong Divorce

Founder of Hong Kong Divorce, Caroline Choi
Sep 22, 2023

Hong Kong Divorce was recently featured in Ritzy Hong Kong’s Ritzy Chat Column.  Here’s a look at our Feature Article!

Founder of Hong Kong Divorce, Caroline Choi

Caroline Choi, Founder of Hong Kong Divorce, understands how difficult it can be to deal with divorce in Hong Kong. Today, she shares with us her views and the ways to make life easier in the midst of the time-consuming process.

1. Can you tell us what Hong Kong Divorce does?

hongkongdivorce.com is a free educational tool and resource for individuals struggling to navigate divorce in Hong Kong. They can find all the answers they need to assist them in navigating through the complexities of divorce and matrimonial proceedings in Hong Kong. It aims to set out in simple terms what one can expect to encounter in the run-up to a divorce, and during the long and sometimes complicated process that may follow. The platform provides the public with easily accessible information related to every aspect of divorce and clarifies how the divorce process works. Its mission is to provide a concise and clear overview of the law, answer common queries and provide general support to those in need. Having said that, to be clear, it does not provide legal advice. We always advise them to seek independent legal advice from their solicitors.

2. What are the most common barriers that individuals in Hong Kong face when dealing with divorce?

Divorce is not easy in general. It becomes increasingly difficult because the Court system in Hong Kong is backed up and the divorce process requires a lot of patience and time for progress to be made. Many individuals want a resolution right away but getting involved in the Court system is already difficult and it just becomes exceptionally difficult if you and your former spouse do not get along and require the Family Court in Hong Kong to make decisions for you.

Founder of Hong Kong Divorce, Caroline ChoiFounder of Hong Kong Divorce, Caroline ChoiFounder of Hong Kong Divorce, Caroline Choi

3. It can be painful to deal with divorce but do you agree that every cloud has a silver lining?

Yes of course. Divorce can be painful and many liken divorce to a death in family. However, I always remind those going through a divorce that it is not the end but rather a beginning to new things.  The “new” normal can be healthier and bring you even more joy than whatever circumstance/situation you were in previously.  After all, to get to a healthier place, you have to go through the divorce process and resolve it.

4. What is the most important thing you want to tell the individuals who are now struggling to deal with their divorce?

It is important to surround yourself with your loved ones including family and friends.  Having supportive people around you will lift you up during the difficult times in a divorce. One more thing, you should have a mindset of collaboration, especially if you have children. Having a collaborative mindset will go a long way as you and your former spouse will need to support each other for the sake of your children and it will make the divorce process much easier.

5. How do you make yourself happy and ritzy in life?

Similar to my advice above, I like to surround myself with loyal, trustworthy and supportive family and friends. The good people you surround yourself with are so important and investing in those relationships makes me happier.


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