Half-Year Review of the Most Interesting Divorce Stories of 2023

Half-Year Review of the Most Interesting Divorce Stories of 2023
Jul 14, 2023

We have already reached the halfway mark of 2023! Over the last six (6) months, there have been many interesting stories regarding divorce and here are some of the more interesting highlights mid-way through 2023!

  1. Positive Effects of Divorce: According to an article published by Fortune Magazine, a study finds that divorce can have a positive effect on performance at work. According to the individuals studied, divorce allows individuals to have a clear mind at work. Perhaps the reason is that the stress associated with divorce can negatively impact work performance. This is especially true when many individuals compare divorce to a death. Thus, it follows that once a divorce has occurred, the focus can now be on moving forward, allowing individuals to focus on work product instead.
  2. Divorce Rate in Morocco Increases: According to the national prosecutor’s office in Morocco, the divorce rate has significantly increased between 2016 and 2021 going from 72,000 cases to 126,000.  The cases of reconciliation are also declining. It is known that Morocco has adopted Moudawana, the family code introduced in 2004 which guarantees women equal rights to file for divorce.  This is in contrast to the law previously where only the husband could legally decide to end the marriage.  Legal advocates in Morocco believe this is one of the main reasons why the divorce rate has increased in Morocco.
  3. Higher Divorce Rates in 2023 in the UK: Solicitors in the United Kingdom are bracing for a surge in divorce filings in 2023 after the change in law in 2022.  In the UK, many solicitors dub the first working Monday in January as “Divorce Day” because marital problems become worse over the Christmas holidays.  Solicitors are now embracing for a spike in divorce filings this year because on 6th April 2022, England and Wales adopted a “no-fault divorce law” pursuant to the Divorce Dissolution and Separation Act which allows couples to legally separate without either party having to admit any wrongdoing.    Thus, the new law allows couples to divorce without placing blame on either party. Perhaps the no-fault divorce may also remove the “heat” associated with divorce, ending the blame game in a divorce.  
  4. Celebrity Divorce: Emily Ratajkowski: Hollywood celebrity, Emily Ratajkowski publicly declared that she does not believe divorce is a sad thing. According to Ratajkowski, individuals should not be afraid of divorce if they are unhappy in a relationship. Ratajkowski said in a podcast, “I don’t think divorce is a sad thing. I know a lot of people are unhappily married for a very long time because they’re so afraid of divorce. I don’t think that’s a good way to live.” Ratajkowski has been divorced since 8th March 2021 and has since been romantically linked to several high-profile celebrities.
  5. Celebrity Co-Parenting: Ali Wong: Hollywood comedian and actress Ali Wong said in a Vanity Fair Magazine article that she and her ex-husband of 8 years has not stopped being “best friends” since their divorce. In fact, Ali Wong states that their friendship is stronger than ever despite their romantic relationship being over. The former couple share two daughters and according to Wong, the two still travel together with the children and state that they remain “amicable and they will continue to co-parent lovingly.”

Divorce remains a hot topic throughout this first half of the year of 2023.  Later this year, we will provide a further update of other noteworthy news regarding divorce to wrap up the year!

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