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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is when you and your spouse agree to meet with a professionally trained mediator.  The mediator will help facilitate discussion between you and your spouse about key issues that need to be resolved.  A mediator is not a judge and cannot make orders, but a mediator will explain how the Hong Kong Family Court may determine a certain issue based on your specific circumstances.

You and your spouse can elect to attend mediation to resolve issues rather than go through the Family Court system in Hong Kong.  Mediation can help alleviate the emotional and financial drain of litigation.

Mediation can be conducted by way of individual and/or joint sessions. If you or your spouse enlist the representation of a solicitor, your solicitor can assist you in the mediation process as well.

Depending on the complexity of the outstanding issues, mediation sessions can take as little as a day and can extend to an intermittent period of several months.

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