4 Questions To Ask Your Divorce Solicitor

questions to ask your divorce solicitor
Jan 28, 2022

In a divorce, there are a million concerns that are swirling around in your head as you embark on this daunting and overwhelming process. One of the ways to ease your concerns is to be educated about the divorce process, and this requires you to ask the right questions before you begin this journey.

In your divorce journey, there are benefits to consulting with a solicitor to obtain the answers you need for your divorce. So what kinds of questions should you ask a solicitor before you get started?

1. What Costs Can I Anticipate? A divorce is a costly process. Even if you are a multi-millionaire with endless resources of cash, the costs associated with divorce should still be a concern. Your goal is to save your money and use it for you and your family going forward, and not necessarily on legal fees and unnecessary litigation. Each and every law firm will have its own legal fees and costs structure so you need to ask how that fee structure works so that you are aware of how your money will be spent and you can then plan to put aside necessary funds for the divorce process.

2. What Exposure Do I Have Related to Maintenance? One of the main issues you will want to discuss in an initial consultation is your exposure for maintenance for your spouse and/or your children. Whether you are the payor or payee spouse, you will want the solicitor to explain how maintenance is determined by the Family Court in Hong Kong and if possible, give you a general idea of what your exposure is based on the information you provide to the solicitor. It will be important to bring as much financial documentation/information with you to your initial consultation so the solicitor can review your family’s overall financial picture.

3. How Is Child Custody and Care and Access Determined? If you are concerned about child sharing, ask the solicitor what the Family Court will consider when making a determination related to child custody and care and access. It is also a good idea to be transparent with the solicitor on how childcare is currently shared between you and your spouse and what you envision or wish it to look like upon a divorce. Your solicitor can then set out a plan with you on how to achieve your goals with respect to child custody, care and access.

4. What Information Is Needed From Me? When you are consulting with a solicitor, you should be provided with helpful resources on how to get started, in addition to a list of information that you will need to gather to prepare for the process ahead. Initially you will be required to provide a lot of information regarding the children and financial disclosures in order to submit to the Family Court. These documents are mandatory in order to prepare for the process necessary to divorce.

What they say is true, “knowledge is power” and by asking the right questions, you will be educated and armed with information that is beneficial in helping you meet your goals and moving your case towards resolution.

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